flopZ @ Spirit of Summer, London May 14 2014

flopZ were at @SpiritFairs from Weds 14th to Saturday 17th of May at Kensington Olympia, London.

Such fab weather for our rather sunny beach stand. This was our first opportunity to show off our Coral Collection in public. We were delighted with the positive feedback we had from the enthusiastic shoppers who were impressed by our comfortable, massaging flip flops. You couldn't really miss the flopZ stand with our splash of vivid colours and stripey deck chairs ( ....oh ... and we were next to the Champagne & Pimms bar!)

Thank you for all those who stopped by said hello (especially if you bought a pair flopZ flip flops)



flopz-flip-flops-spirit-of-summer-kensington-olympia-london.jpg flopz-flip-flops-young-blonde-girl-spirit-of-summer-kensington-olympia-london.jpg flopz-flip-flops-stand-spirit-of-summer-kensington-olympia-london.jpg flopz-flip-flops-young-blonde-girl-spirit-of-summer-kensington-olympia-london.jpg